LED Drawing Tablet - Digital Drawing Pad

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Make flawless drawings like an artist with your own digital drawing tablet!

This drawing tablet lets you make sketches like a pro. It’s a digital drawing pad that gives you the ability to work anywhere under any kind of lighting. Trace accurately on any stencil on this LED drawing tablet. You can work with papers of varying thickness on this digital drawing tablet.

The drawing tablet is highly portable because of its light weight and compact build. Great for channeling your inner artist on the go. The USB port on this bright drawing pad lets you connect it to any power source available.

Say goodbye to traditional drawing pads and get your LED powered drawing tablet now!

You can make your sketches as good as a computer drawing if you trace them over this drawing tablet. One touch lets you adjust the LED light to your desired brightness.

  • The drawing tablet is powered by a super bright LED with a long life span and adjustable brightness.
  • USB port and accompanying USB cable enables you to connect it with any power bank, laptop, computer and adapter.
  • Touch sensor on the drawing pad lets you switch it on and brighten or dim the light as you require.
  • Easy on your eyes with no radiation or flickering. The digital drawing tablet enables you to work for long hours.
  • Easy on your eyes with no radiation or flickering. The digital drawing tablet enables you to work for long hours.


  • Connect your drawing tablet to a power source using the USB cable.
  • Adjust the brightness until you are comfortable with it.
  • Place a blank paper over the LED drawing pad and draw freehand, or place a stencil of the drawing you want to make and easily trace it on a blank paper.
  • Enjoy working on your masterpiece!