Pocket Guitar - Portable Practice Guitar

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Practicing and memorizing chords has never been easier for budding musicians!


The pocket guitar lets you mimic the movements you need to learn anytime, anyplace without disturbing people around you. A great choice for a gift if you have a guitarist friend.

You won’t be wondering what to do while you’re stuck in traffic or commuting to work anymore, because this portable practice guitar is the ideal way to pass time constructively! The portable pocket guitar can be carried everywhere you go because of its small size and light weight.

Never miss a chance to practice with this portable practice guitar!

This pocket guitar gives you the feel of a real guitar with its fret board and mahogany finish. On this portable acoustic pocket guitar, now you can quietly perfect the chords and riffs you have always wanted to learn!

  • Small sized portable pocket guitar, suitable for carrying every day.
  • Highly durable, the pocket guitar is made from high quality material to mimic the feel of a real guitar.
  • The pocket guitar has a wooden fret board with 4 frets and 6 folk strings to rehearse riffs, scales and chords.
  • Effective in refining your guitar playing abilities. The portable pocket guitar helps improve finger dexterity so that you can play more fluently.
  • The strings on this portable acoustic pocket guitar can be tightened, loosened, removed and replaced when needed.


The strings are made from steel to mimic a real guitar and can also be adjusted. The portable practice guitar can be folded when not in use. The pocket guitar is the perfect way to quietly keep rehearsing your chords, scales and riffs.

The pocket guitar is a great way to keep your passion alive at all times! You can practice your strumming skills on the portable pocket guitar without making a sound and disturbing others.