Quick Knot Tying Tool - Easiest Fishing Knot Tying Tool

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Be Sure You Land The Next Big Catch With This Tool

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Tie Strong Reliable Knots Every Time

If swiss army knives and multi-tools are your bread and butter, don't head for the water without the QKT. Complete with nail knot fork, line clipper, eyelet cleaner, hook sharpener, and D-ring, the combo tool is the MacGyver of streamside accessories.

The QKT makes any fishing trip more enjoyable. It ensures you have a properly tied knot that wont fail in the heat of action. Tie your entire fly line with this tool all the way from the backer to the leader, or make the perfect knot for simple hooks and lures. The clipper jaws are razor sharp and can be re-sharpened.


  • Tie knots like the pros

  • All-in-One Tool for all your line tying needs

  • Built in heavy duty clippers to cut excess line

  • Discreet non-glare black finish

  • Become a nail knot master

  • Avoid knot failure with this tool

  • Keep hooks sharp with built in sharpener

  • Fly fisherman’s best friend

  • Equipped with D-ring to attach to lanyard for easy access

  • You won’t want to fish without it

  • Tie your entire fly line with this tool

  • Clean your eye holes with the built in needle

Video Instructions

Hook Nail Knot

Lure or Hook Nail Knot