Squishies - Silly MOCHI Squishable Animals

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The perfect cure to make your anxiety go away in a flash!


Need a stress buster handy at all times? Squishies are so adorable that you’ll feel happy just looking at them resting on your desktop, table, bedside or anywhere you want.

These silly squishies are little bundles of joy that will take away your exhaustion as soon as you touch them! Squishy toys are available in a variety of different shapes and animals but we guarantee that each one them is as adorable as the other. Get cute squishies to keep in every room and workplace so that you’re never apart from your squishables!

The silly squishies will work wonders and uplift your mood instantly!

You can rub, poke and squeeze squishies when you want a break from work.

  • Squishy toys come in lots of different shapes that you can choose from – or even collect all of them!
  • Squishies are made from silicon and are extremely easy to clean.
  • These silly squishies can be stuck anywhere you like; on your mirror, laptop, desk, fridge etc.
  • Squishables are great for taking your mind off things and relieving stress in a jiffy.
  • Squishies are a more effective replacement to stress balls and they certainly look more interesting!


  • Slap your squishies on to any surface you want.
  • Squeeze your silly squishies, rub ‘em and poke ‘em for as long as you like.
  • Refresh and clean the squishies with a little detergent and water.
  • Use scotch tape to completely get rid of any dust that is left on your squishables.

Get your own silly squishies now and feel the stress and anxiety just drain away as your mind is distracted by the sensation of squeezing these cute squishy toys. They’re great to place anywhere and easy to keep clean!