Timing Electric Shoes Dryer

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This product uses the more expensive Anion Ozone generator that penetrates microbial cell membranes, destroy DNA or RNA structure of pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, break a molecular bond of their nucleic acid, so that pathogens cannot reproduce or be death immediately for the sterilization purposes. Since Ozone is disbursed in the air, those nasty pathogens have nowhere to hide resulting in sterilization rate reaches more than 99%! 

Name: Timing Electric Shoes Dryer 
Material: ABS + Electronic Components 
Color: Black 
Voltage: 220V 50HZ 
Power: 200W 
Max Timer: 120mins 
Heat of hot air: 50℃ (under 20℃ ambient temperature) 
Feature: Anion Ozone Sanitiser 
Wire Length: 130cm/51.18''(appr.) 
Size: (L)X(W)X(H)27X18X28cm/10.63''X7.09''X11.02''(appr.) 


Brand New and high quality. 
Suitable for 96% of shoes. 
You can't wash your shoes every day, but you can have it sterilized daily. 
The anion Ozone generator is the most effective shoe sanitizer killing odor-causing bacteria for all kinds of shoes with cabin such as leather shoes, sports shoes, casual shoes, cloth shoes, children shoes, boots shoes, skating shoes, etc. 
Please note that this product will sterilize your shoe forming a major regime for the treatment of foot's odor and will not eliminate fungus that is already on your nails. 

Time Setting:

Sports shoes: 20mins(appr.) 
Boots: 20mins(appr.) 
Leather shoes: 15mins(appr.) 


1. Disposal: put the shoes dryer on board or dry, smooth floor (this product has on ground wire). 
2. Push the pitch button, open the bracket and release the pitch button. Put shoes on the bracket. 
3. Plug into 220V 50HZ AC receptacle. 
4. According to the shoe type and dampness, set drying time. Turn the timer knob clockwise to the time you set, then the dryer is working. When finished, the timer knob will back to the 'OFF' position. 
5. Pull out the plug after drying, push back the pitch button and push down the bracket. 


- Don’t use in bathroom. 
- Keep away from children. 
- Don’t use with upside down. 
- Don’t use besides drying function. 
- Bracket shall in stand position in use. 
- Don’t vibrate and hit the dryer fiercely. 
- Choose 220V 50HZ AC power correctly. 
- Don’t inhale things which may cause trouble. 
- Don’t wash dryer body to avoid shock and failure. 
- During use the outlet and vent shall not be jammed. 
- Keep away form fire causing stuff such as cloth and paper. 
- Check the wire before use to avoid shock and fire accident. 
- Don’t use on ethylene, resin carpet and other soft, unsafe materials. 
- Avoid sunshine and keep away from heat source to prevent the distortion and color change. 
- To avoid fire, please turn timer knob to 'OFF' position and pull out the plug when the dryer is not working. 

Package included:

1x Shoes Dryer 
1x User Manual 
1x Storage Box